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Software Engineer - Front End

6m ago
min 2 years
Denver, CO, US


·       Ship well-tested,secure, reliable, and maintainable code within committed timelines thatdelights product users

·       Support fellowengineers through peer code reviews and constructive discussions that concernarchitecture, data model, and feature implementation decisions.

·       Understand thereasoning behind key product and design decisions and contribute good solutionsto implementation and architecture discussions.

·       Be a great agile teammember

·       Writing code!

·       White-boarding thebenefits and disadvantages of various approaches to an architecture decision.

·       Testing initialprototypes with the product team to solicit feedback and iterate on the nextversion.

·       Reviewing your code,architecture, and style decisions with other engineers.


·       2+ years of experiencein software engineering

·       Demonstrated competencyin one or more of the following: JavaScript, TypeScript, React/Redux orcomparable JavaScript MVC framework.

·       Comfortable developingagainst and contributing to a Node/Express.js backend

Preferred Qualifications:

·       A background infront-end web development and/or API development.

·       Some experience withwriting and reading SQL.


Job posted by- Vaibhav Sharan