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Senior Software Engineer, CI Infrastructure

3m ago
5 to 5 years
San Mateo, CA

We are looking for anextremely talented Senior or Lead Software Engineer to joinour CI Infrastructure Team. You will be part of a global agilegroup that is responsible for developing, maintaining and scaling ourContinuous Integration infrastructure and internal tools that all of ourengineers rely on to get their job done. Simply put, this team is missioncritical in our Engineering organization. 

In addition to writing code inGo and Ruby, we work with Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Teamcity, AWS, andGoogle App Engine to build and maintain our state of the art infrastructurethat is able to run over 100k tests in under 30 minutes.

Core Responsibilities:

· Being a hands-on contributoris a key responsibility in this role

· Being able to writeclean, modular, scalable, and quality software is mandatory in this role

· Design, develop,maintain, and scale Coupa’s CI Infrastructure & Internal Tools

· Continuouslyimprove and expand our tooling to support our rapidly expanding platform

· Work directly withour engineering teams to provide support as needed

· Activelyparticipate in operational design and code review


· Minimum of 5+ yearsof software development experience 

· Expertise in one ormore of the following languages: Ruby, Go, Java, Python, or C/C++

· Experience indesigning and dealing with highly scalable systems

· Proficient in Linuxcommand line and shell scripting

· Experience withDocker or similar containerization platform

· Experience workingwith SQL and NoSQL databases, including MySQL, Redis, MongoDB

· Capable of leadingtechnical design and direction of new features or projects

· Capable of workingefficiently and delivering on time without significant oversight

· Experienceintegrating and maintaining CI tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Go CD, Travis

· Experience workingwith Amazon AWS, EC2, or similar elastic cloud environments

· Proficient withsource code management systems such as Git and Github

· Experience workingon an agile environment that follows Scrum or other agile methodologies

· Experiencedeveloping and deploying microservices

Extra Consideration:

· Open-source projectcontributions

· Experience creatingand/or working with auto-scaling systems

· Have shown thoughtleadership via blog posts, publications, and/or conferences


Job posted by- Vaibhav Sharan